May I study both opera and musical theater at MTB? 

Because the program involves intensive work, most students find that choosing just one focus for performing at MTB is preferable. Everyone is permitted to bring solo pieces in both musical theater and classical styles (if desired) to work on in your lessons, but you must indicate your preferred area of study at the time of application. Normally you would only be assigned performance ensembles in that one area.

May Opera Studio students also work on German Lieder or other art song or oratorio repertoire?

Your performance assignments and any solo performance opportunities at MTB will be selected from opera or operetta repertoire. However, if you wish to bring with you other pieces to work on in your private lessons and coachings (for instance, if you have an upcoming recital), you are welcome to do so. Coaches will be happy to work with you on any such additional repertoire provided your MTB performance assignments are already adequately prepared. We do encourage you to take advantage of the fact that you are in Germany with expert German diction coaches, and work on some German repertoire!

Is there a deadline for applications?

We do not have a firm application deadline for opera and musical theater students. We will accept applications until all positions are filled. Typically all positions are full by late March or early April, and it is best to apply by February to be sure your application will be considered. We will post a notice here when we are no longer accepting applications. There IS an application deadline of February 15th for collaborative piano students.  ** The Opera Studio is now full for summer 2017, but there is 1 open position in the Musical Theater Studio!

Are there age limits for the program?

Students must have completed at least 1 year of college (and be at least age 18), and may be up to age 30. (Exceptions to the upper age limit may be made at our discretion for opera students preparing for an audition tour in the German-speaking countries, and for collaborative piano students, up to age 35.)

How do you make admission decisions?

MTB seeks talented students with a good work ethic and positive attitude who will be likely to benefit from, and be able to handle, the demands of our program. After a live audition or receipt of a video application, if there is interest based on talent we will check your references. We are committed to maintaining high standards for admission so that you may be assured of a talented group of colleagues. 

We send out a first round of admission decisions in late December or January, and another round of admission decisions in February. After February we make decisions on a rolling basis until we are full. We usually maintain a wait list, and often some students who are initially on the wait list are later offered admission. Early application increases your chances of admission! If you need a quick decision from us, please let us know.

What are the opportunities for performance during the program?

MTB offers several performance opportunities for all students. The calendar may include an aria and duet recital, a Broadway performance and combined opera and musical theater song and dance performances that include the entire MTB ensemble. These presentations are usually performed in the beautiful Baroque performance salon of Neubeuern Castle, the charming Alte Post in Flintsbach am Inn, the large Kursaal performance hall in Oberaudorf, the intimate recital room at Kloster Reisach, or possibly in other nearby locations. Sometimes not every student is scheduled to perform in every performance (for example, a concert might be all opera or all musical theater), but each student has an opportunity to perform in several concerts provided that his/her music is appropriately prepared and that there have been no issues with attendance of classes, lessons and rehearsals or quality of work in rehearsals.

Why should I choose MTB over an opera role performance program, or over the opportunity to perform in a summer musical theater production?

MTB emphasizes advanced professional training and audition preparation for young artists with close attention to individual needs, focusing on the process rather than a production. We do present professional quality scenes performances that are well attended by German audiences. They are showcases for the results of your study and provide opportunities for faculty to give you valuable feedback.

An opera role performance program certainly can be a good experience and performing in a summer musical theater production is also nice for adding to your resume, but they may not do as much to advance your skills. MTB is right for you this year if this is the summer you want to spend a month working morning through evening, 5 days a week, to take your performance, German and auditioning skills to the next level.

Will MTB voice faculty try to change my vocal technique?

Our goal is to help you improve your technique, beginning with where you are when you come to us. We do teach technique, but we try to guide students to solve vocal and technical problems without challenging previous teaching methods when possible.

If something happens and I need to withdraw from the MTB program, why can't I get a full refund of amounts paid? 

MTB contracts with its faculty and makes hotel and meal service deposits long before the start of the program. We limit our number of students in order to allow for the individual attention which will insure each student's progress, so the per student cost of our faculty and other fixed program expenses are a far greater percentage amount of tuition than is the amount of the per student expense that we are able to cancel when someone withdraws.

May I request my roommate?

Yes, as long as the request is mutual. If you want to room with a friend, please let us know by June 1st.

May I request a single room at my own additional expense?

Yes, but it will be at significant additional expense and we cannot guarantee it until we check availability with our hotel. Please contact us for details.

What music should I bring?

Please bring with you 3 copies (for you, your teacher and your lesson pianist) of any repertoire we assign to you or approve as potential solo performance material for you, and also several pieces of your choice (in any language) which you might like to work on with your coach and/or in workshops or master classes. (You only need 1 copy of any assigned large ensemble piece such as a full company finale number, as you would not likely take that to a private lesson.)

All pieces that you bring to an MTB coaching lesson must be learned before coming to MTB, and assigned ensemble repertoire usually must be FULLY MEMORIZED before arrival at MTB. You may also bring a copy of anything you might enjoy singing for the MTB group if we decide to take over a local restaurant for an evening of impromptu performing!

Do I need to prepare anything in advance for the other classes?

Musical theater students should bring a monologue, and it should be memorized before coming to MTB. Opera students should write in word-for-word translations of their foreign-language arias (you will need it for whichever aria you choose to sing in your aria acting workshop and for anything you take to a coach), and also should write in word-for-word translations for their assigned scenes (including what all the other people in the scene are saying). Opera students will also have a brief assignment to prepare in advance for the aria acting workshop.

Do you have a policy about alcohol, drugs and behavioral problems? 

The program administrators have the right, in their sole discretion, to dismiss a student from the program for use or possession of illegal drugs or for any other severe behavioral issue. This includes issues relating to excessive use of alcohol and includes any other serious issues that negatively affect the program or other participants, or that cause MTB to have concerns that the student should leave the program for the sake of his or her own health and wellbeing. Any dismissal from the program is without refund, whether warnings are given is left to the sole discretion of MTB management, and MTB assumes no responsibility for the expense of changing travel plans or any other resulting expenses.

Regarding alcohol, anyone over 18 may legally drink in Germany. We do not chaperone students, who are all adults. However, it would be foolish to spend the money on this type of program and waste it by making partying a priority. Alcohol is drying to the vocal cords, and this may be the only time in your life as a young singer that you are going to have the luxury of 4 lessons per week (2 voice lessons, 2 coaching sessions), plus often be singing in classes, rehearsals and performances. If weeknight partying greatly appeals to you, your money would be better spent on a European vacation. 

Mondays through Fridays it is our policy that no one may drink alcoholic beverages until after he/she is finished for the day with all lessons, classes, rehearsals and/or performances. 

What happens if I have a medical problem while in Germany?

Doctors and pharmacists are available to provide services to you in Oberaudorf. In the event of an emergency situation, we would call an ambulance or take you to the hospital or clinic, just as we would if in the United States. There is an excellent clinic staffed by doctors who speak English, and an excellent hospital offering emergency care that is a short drive away, in Kufstein, Austria. 

All MTB students are responsible for their own health insurance coverage, and should check with their insurance carriers to understand coverage and payment procedures. (Usually you will be required to pay the bill to the German health care provider, and later submit it for reimbursement to your health insurance company.) We highly recommend purchasing a travel insurance policy at the time you purchase your airline ticket.

Will I be given information about what to pack?

Yes. After you are accepted into the program and pay your deposit, we will send you the MTB Handbook with lots of practical information about what clothes and other things to pack, best ways to access cash in Europe, cell phone advice, etc. 

May I talk with someone to ask more questions about the MTB program? 

Of course! You may email questions to us at info@musiktheaterbavaria.org and we will respond promptly, or we will be happy to call you to talk personally, at your request. Just send an email to let us know your phone number.



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